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IBM Systems and Technology Group sought to grow its one print publication and archival website into a publishing program that reached more customers.

MSP-C has worked diligently to keep current with the evolution of content marketing, providing an integrated content strategy that touches IBM customers and prospects more than 4 million times each year. The IBM publishing portfolio now includes email newsletters, digital editions of the magazines, webinars, videos, iPad apps and social media extensions–including blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In 2002, the website realized 28,000 monthly visitors. In 2014, the site realizes an average 100,000 monthly visitors. IBM’s magazine is also driving sales. Results from a 2013 readership survey revealed that because of the magazine, they had purchased or planned to purchase the following:

• 30.3% purchased or plan to purchase IBM Software and/or upgrades
• 29.1% purchased or plan to purchase an IBM Power Systems Server
• 15.0% purchased or plan to purchase IBM Services and/or Support Contract

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