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Sons of Norway: Viking Magazine

Sons of Norway, a fraternal benefit organization, sought to elevate the content and design of Viking magazine, enhancing its value as a member benefit, making it more appealing to younger members and improving its effectiveness as the primary communication vehicle between Sons of Norway and its approximately 60,000 members.

MSP-C reimagined the magazine with content that places a greater emphasis on service journalism, easily digestible content with multiple entry points and a more seamless integration of Sons of Norway’s fraternal, foundation and financial messaging. The magazine was also redesigned to give it a fresher, more modern look with additional white space and flexible page grids, bringing the magazine’s content alive for readers. A digital version of the magazine was also launched in order to provide readers with an alternative reading experience.

Viking, the number-one member benefit for Sons of Norway, has won multiple awards from the Minnesota Magazine Publishing Association for its content and design.

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