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Creating Trustworthy Content in a Fake News World


I’m real, and this blog post isn’t faked. But there’s no way for you to know for sure unless you ask my mom or my editor. You assume I’m real and I’m the author largely based on trust. You assume I’m not writing under a nom de plume or that someone else wrote this under my name or that someone just made up the whole post to trick you for fun or profit.

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Q&A: Annalisa Camarillo on NetApp’s Content Transformation

Digital transformation is top of mind for many companies. What does that mean, and what role does content play in that transformation? To find out, MSP-C sat down with Annalisa Camarillo, NetApp’s head of global content development and distribution. She is responsible for producing and overseeing 75 percent of the Fortune 500 company’s content. The data management innovator, with more than $4 billion in revenue and offices in 130 countries worldwide, helps provide businesses with technology and insight to give them a competitive advantage. Camarillo talks about her company’s content transformation, the challenges she’s faced in implementing changes to achieve new goals and what makes great content experiences possible.

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Content Marketing: Understanding Your Audience

How do you create content that cuts through the noise? It starts with understanding your audience, according to Gary Johnson, president of MSP Communications, in a recent interview with The Content Council’s Content Magazine.

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Q&A: Christoph Trappe on Authentic Storytelling

Christoph Trappe, aka The Authentic Storyteller, has made a career from storytelling. He began as a journalist before becoming a prominent content marketing strategist and trainer. He is a global keynote speaker, a frequent blogger and author.

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Create More Earned Media Opportunities

We all know that the way the media works has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. For those of us who cover major industry conferences, meetings and exhibitions for our trade publications, the press rooms at many events have been slow to keep up with those changes. It’s time for disruptive innovation to sweep through traditional industry conference press rooms like housekeeping at midnight to make it easier for the media to cover the event, which is the point of having the press room in the first place.

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Gary Johnson Wins the John Caldwell Award

MSP Communications, an award-winning publisher and leading content marketing agency based in Minneapolis, is pleased to announce Gary Johnson, President, is the recipient of the 2016 John Caldwell Award from The Content Council.

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MSP-C Wins Big at MMPA

At the 2016 MMPA Excellence Awards this week, MSP Communications won 58 total awards, including three golds for Best Overall Excellence, one gold for Best Overall Design, three golds for Best Editorial Profile/Feature Article and more. PLUS: In addition: MSP-C's Vice President and Digital Director Kevin Dunn received the Greg Carey Leadership Award in recognition for his many contributions to the MMPA and publishing industry.

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Q&A: Rob Silas on Analyzing Unstructured Data

Rob Silas, MSP-C’s director of analytics, has worked in analytics for more than 25 years. In that time, data has moved from paper to CD-ROMs and now into the cloud. But the questions asked remain the same. “The challenges of ‘where do I start with this?’ or ‘what are the right things to measure?’ or ‘how can I drive the right insights from this data?’ are just as prevalent today as they were 25 years ago,” he says.

We spoke with Silas about what unstructured data is, how businesses can use it to inform their content and business strategies, and why it’s the next frontier to conquer.

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3 Ways Sales Can Improve Your Content Plan

Customer journey maps. Personas. Sales funnels. Buying cycles. Audience development. All of these are important components in a successful content marketing strategy. But rarely do any include potentially one of the most powerful content users and influencers brands have, and that’s their own salesforce.

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Q&A: Dave Burda on the Importance of Subject Matter Expertise

David Burda spent most of his career as an investigative business journalist, specializing in reporting on the healthcare sector. As MSP-C’s editorial director for healthcare strategies, he is one of the subject matter experts (SMEs) employed by the company to develop and guide client content strategies. Here, he shares his wisdom about why brands should embrace the content skills of journalists and hire SMEs to create their content.

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