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Expertise & Capabilities

Every brand has a compelling story to tell. And we have one too. As a leading content marketing agency, MSP-C leverages our editorial heritage of 43-plus years to create and distribute smart, persuasive content for our clients. We develop focused content marketing strategies that engage and build strong, trusting relationships with specific audiences. This journalistic foundation is at the heart of how a strong content marketing strategy should work for your company. It is steeped in the worldview of a creative team that thrives on cultivating vital, authentic stories that elevate connectivity to your brand.

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Key Capabilities

Content Strategy + Creation

Our award-winning editorial teams know how to make your brand's messaging work smarter across all channels. Nothing impacts people more greatly than stories that penetrate their emotions, intellect, belief system or sense of purpose, especially if those stories are told with imagination, humor and joy. The true power of engagement, however, comes in the packaging—great content framed in a wink, a wow, a surprise or an elevated idea. This is our wheelhouse.

Social Media Strategy + Social Marketing

We strategically craft high-value content specific to each unique social media platform. We deliver voice and tone documentation, best-practice guidelines and cadence planning to ensure ongoing success through your paid and owned channels.

Content Distribution + Audience Activation

Within your owned channels, your content strategy has reached velocity. Now it’s time to expand your horizons. MSP-C is Google Adwords certified and ready to optimize your organic lift with paid campaigns in search and social channels. In addition, our audience development team can assist you with identifying influencers within your industry and craft a plan for an influencer marketing initiative. We help you reach and exceed your goals. We drive traffic, improve engagement and increase sales with creative content that nurtures relationships and converts prospects to high-quality leads.

Content Analytics & Insights

Insights created in a vacuum don’t mean much to you. We believe in concise, actionable insights. We provide you with tactics that align with your goals and objectives, and we help you take action that will have a positive, measurable impact on your brand, your business and your bottom line. Our editors personify the marriage of art and science within content marketing. Great editors are subject matter experts who know what their audiences want before their audience does. Today that intuition is combined with data-driven insight that allows us to refine, iterate and elevate your overall content strategy and execution.

Industry Expertise


Since 2000, MSP-C has produced custom content for a variety of large and small high-tech clients, including IBM, Novell, CA Technologies, Teradata, Information Builders, CompTIA, Code42 and many others.

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Additional Capabilities

Advertising Sales
Audience Development
Annual Reports
Brand Strategy
Content Development
Content Management
Content Marketing
Content Strategy
Database Management
Digital Magazine Design
Direct Mail
E-mail Marketing
Event Planning

Focus Groups
Inbound Marketing
Influencer Outreach
Interactive Visual Content
Information Architecture
Lead Generation
Media Kits
Mobile & Tablet Apps
Online Surveys
Postal Management
Pre-press Management
Print Project Management
Production Management
Readership Studies

ROI Tracking/Measurement
Sales Materials
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Strategic Planning
Subscription Management
User Experience
Video Production
Website Development
White Papers