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American Express

American Express provides innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

American Express tasked MSP-C with creating a branded cross-channel content campaign to encourage Card Members to use their stored-up American Express Membership Rewards points.

The campaign needed to drive "points" awareness and deepen the emotional connection between Card Members and the Membership Rewards program.


The target audience is on a life journey that involves work and play. They have an active lifestyle, and that lifestyle includes frequent use of their American Express credit card. Members may not be inspired enough to use their points or may not realize what is available to create memorable moments—or reward themselves and their loved ones with gifts and experiences.

Content played an important role in activation to engage audiences and guide them to a truly fun redemption process. A long-term strategy that has buzz is memorable and delivers an overarching strategy that not only sticks in the minds of the intended audience, but has opportunities to ebb and flow with lifestyle trends and products, goods and services available through the Rewards Program.

MSP-C created a branded lifestyle-focused content series for social and web, from content structure and storytelling to layout and design. MSP-C thoughtfully designed and curated product stories across a broad range of themes to encourage them to use their points. Themes for the campaign included:

  • Luxe living
  • Outdoor summer fun
  • Staycation
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Fitness
  • Tailgating
  • Autumn essentials
  • Holiday hosting
  • Modern traveler


Campaign themes


Featured products


Photo shoots


The campaign deepened the emotional connection between Card Members and the Membership Rewards program by positioning rewards as tools to create memorable moments.

Card Members responded so well to the editorial packaging of each themed product page that products needed to be continually replaced throughout the program.