Is It Time to Redesign
Your Association’s Magazine?

When your association’s magazine first launched (or relaunched), it served the organization’s needs well. But over time, your branding and goals changed. Did your magazine change to reflect that?

More than likely your publication hasn't kept pace with those changes. Redesign is the answer, but it can be a chore for your already strapped staff. With 30+ years of association magazine experience, MSP-C can do the heavy lifting for you.

Learn more about the creative process behind a magazine redesign from Senior Art Director Bret Ryan.

“MSP-C really gets us and understand us. [During a recent magazine redesign process], they really listened to us, took to heart and made sense of all of our discussions. We couldn’t have a better partner than MSP-C.”
Andi Gabrick, Editorial Director for the National Association of Independent Schools