Alicia Keys Rocks On Spotify

  • By Staff
  • July 11, 2013
Photograph of Alicia Keys

R & B queen and June Delta Sky cover star Alicia Keys uses Spotify to connect with fans in a brand new way. Find out what hits she's rockin' out to on her customized Spotify playlist!

How does a brand insert itself into a new social space as a way of expanding reach and audience?

By recognizing and taking advantage of opportunities. Alicia Keys was one of those lucky opportunities for MSP-C.

Every month, MSP-C interviews a celebrity for Sky magazine on behalf of our client, Delta Air Lines. As we've learned over time, talking about music—likes, dislikes, what's a current inspiration—is a great way into a subjects' mind and heart. We had been compiling "tunes" lists for months for the magazine, when an opportunity appeared.

Spotify, a digital music streaming service, contacted MSP-C. The company wanted to run our tunes lists as playlists. Great idea!

MSP-C began to include an "ask" for celebrity playlists with notable interviewees.

We scored a big win when we interviewed Alicia Keys for June's issue. The R&B songstress not only provided a list of music she loves, she gave insight into her selections. This generated an additional piece of content for Delta's blog, Taking Off.

The bonus for Delta Sky: extension of brand and exposure to a fresh audience. When content can work in multiple ways across multiple channels, brands find efficiency, value—and in this case, a lot of fun.

To read the full interview in Delta Sky Magazine, click here.
Alicia's Playlist:

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