What Inspires You?

  • By Staff
  • June 08, 2014
What Inspires You?

With content marketing expanding and evolving at such a rapid rate, it is important to differentiate your company from the pack. To do so, one must draw on various inspirations to keep creating high quality, valuable, shareable content.

The Content Council Board of Directors share their various inspirations in content marketing and beyond.

Andy-Seibert-(1).jpgAndy Seibert
The Content Council President
Managing Partner, Imprint

“It is incredibly energizing when creativity and technology align.   There was a burst of technological innovation over the past few years, and we were all charged with understanding the spectrum of new devices and channels and how people were engaging with them and on them.

Now we’re focused on how to maximize these experiences. Technology is the vessel to deliver content experiences to clients in increasingly relevant and personal ways.  Creativity fills the vessel and is the key to deepening meaningful relationships between companies and their clients.  Layered within the creative is emotion – the secret ingredient that connects you with content, builds brands and moves a program from transactional to long-lasting.   Striving to optimize the blend of technology and creativity is what motivates us.”

Keith-Sedlak-(3).jpgKeith Sedlak
Immediate Past President
Chief Marketing Officer, McMURRY/TMG

“What inspires me? Hard work, a never give up attitude, challengers of the norm, risk taking brands, first to market ideas and my family of course!”

Joseph-Barbieri-(1).jpgJoseph Barbieri
Managing Director, Content & Media Partnerships, SID LEE

“The power of ideas, and the power of those ideas to make and fuel meaningful change. For me, powerful content created from inspiring ideas make for an ideal formula to fuel meaningful connections that resonate at a human level, and result in action.”

Georgia-Galanoudis.jpgGeorgia Galanoudis
Managing Partner, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing

“A source that never fails to inspire me is the creative power of a group that brings together a wide variety of life experiences—from youthful zeal to hard-earned expertise. Specifically the magic that happens when youth and real life experience join forces. In my daily work life I’m privileged to work with colleagues from a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and life experiences. We are always cognizant of building teams with a blend of talents, experiences and perspectives. Such a configuration almost never fails to challenge each team member’s preconceptions and results in enhanced creativity and innovation. When strategy and editorial teams, in particular, bring a wide and differing array of life experiences to the table the results are always better. Our best content strategy work is born out of the combination of a disciplined approach to research and insights, real world experience and the power of a group to imagine possibilities previously not considered. The talent within your agency should inspire great work and is very often your most powerful differentiator.”

Gary-Johnson.jpgGary Johnson
President, MSP Communications


Ask a marketer what the Holy Grail of their business is and often the reaction will be “transactions”. Ask anyone who has been in the content creation business and they’ll likely respond, “trust”. We know that without trust, transactions likely won’t follow. No question, gamification, coupons, sweepstakes, etc.,  can move the needle but they’re short term solutions to far more important goals: connection, engagement, commitment and if you’ll pardon the expression, “brand love”.

What has inspired me over the past 30+ years in the content business is how and when trust happens, or that it happens at all. It’s profound. The magazine business has seen it first-hand, having developed relationships with millions of readers that began with a transaction and ended in a long term relationship. Magazine readers buy what magazines are selling – they trust that the content will deliver. That it will inform – inspire – resonate. That it will change minds and hearts. That it will make their lives better and richer. Content does that like nothing else I’ve ever seen.”

Jaci-Ponzoni.jpgJaci Ponzoni
SVP Content, Pace

“I’m inspired by the insights that we are able to offer clients on what works and what doesn’t in content. Back in the days of print only,  we had reader surveys that typically were very positive  in terms of sentiment and engagement, and we trusted that relevant words, pictures, ideas—storytelling—moved people on behalf of brands.  In today’s digital ecosystem, we’re able to leverage analytics to show  both clients  and creative teams how specific audiences respond to specific content and whether the behavior aligns with defined objectives.  In short, we’re extracting actionable insights to optimize the content going forward. And that’s inspiring, because  we’re helping our clients derive the most value from their content investment while at the same time  providing value to the audiences we reach.”

Article sourced from: http://blog.customcontentcouncil.com/what-inspires-you/

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