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Marketing to Gen Z


Get ready business influencers—Generation Z has arrived. With the oldest of this generation officially hitting the marketplace as consumers, it’s time for brands to start asking, “How—and where—can we best communicate with and market to this generation?” Hint: They are not Millennials.

MSP-C talked with Gen Z gurus David and Jonah Stillman about traits of Gen Z, how this group is different from its predecessors, where and how marketers should aim to reach them, and more.




Who Is Gen Z And How Do You Best Engage Them?

David and Jonah discuss how Gen Z thinks, acts, learns and engages with today’s brands, and how it’s different from the Millennial generation. Authenticity, trust, quality and hyper-customization are key to getting this generation to engage with your brand.

How Marketers Can Reach Gen Z

Here, we explore the key traits specific to this generation and how marketers can leverage some of those traits to engage with Gen Z consumers.


The Difference Between Generation Z and Millennials

Because each experienced its own events and conditions during the formative years, the two generations have a different view and mindset. The key to communicating with each generation is to understand what has shaped them.



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DAVID and JONAH STILLMAN are a father-son Gen X/Gen Z speaking team and co-authors of Gen Z @ Work. They are available for company consultations, events or media interviews.