Content Marketing Agency Minneapolis

We are headquartered in the North—yet reach far beyond. Minneapolis is considered one of the creative class centers of the nationa hotbed of media, advertising, art, theater, music and philanthropy. And MSP-C is a part of that tapestry.

We are content. From multi-purpose photo shoots to multi-channel social posts. Ten-second videos to 250-page magazines. Content planning to content measurement. High-tech webinars to runway fashion shows. Lifestyle gurus to healthcare geeks. We are diverse and dynamic, just like today's consumers. And we help you capture their attention.

We are storytellers. We find your brand's story and bring it to life in the right way through the right channels to reach the right audience. We dive deep to analyze, synthesize and sift through data to re-tune our content and delivery to ensure our clients get exactly what they want.

Our History

Minneapolis has been our home base since 1972, and we've been creating content for brands since 1978, making us one of the first publishing companies in the country to do so. Since then, we've developed more than 225 print and digital titles and platforms in every imaginable space.

We also have some skin in the game and operate magazines of our own: Mpls.St.Paul and Twin Cities Business.

Having established expertise in the magazine business—and evolving into a content agency—we know what triggers engagement, captures audience and sells product.

MSP Mag Prince Cover


Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is the best-selling magazine in the state. The publication provides timely, dependable and thought-provoking information to its readers about the people, places and events of the Twin Cities.


Twin Cities Business is Minnesota’s leading provider of business news, insight and analysis. The publication covers today’s most pressing issues, examines trends and outlooks and provides the context, perspective and information leaders have come to depend upon.

2018 CMA Agency of the Year